ICoDSE 2024 is Coming!

ICoDSE (International Conference on Data and Software Engineering)

Data Engineering and Software Engineering are two areas of knowledge that are currently growing in the field of information and communication technology (ICT). They are interrelated and each plays a crucial role in transforming the world in various aspects such as business, education, government, and communities. Although both disciplines have reached a level of maturity, research and development in these fields continue to evolve in order to improve the performance of the services they offer and enhance the success criteria of their products, such as efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, a platform is needed to publish various research outcomes and product developments in both disciplines.

ICoDSE is an international conference held annually by the Knowledge and Software Engineering Research Group (KSE) of STEI ITB, in collaboration with various universities in Indonesia. In Indonesia, this conference is the first specific conference in the field of software engineering and data/knowledge engineering. At the international level, similar or related conferences are organized by the University of Texas (IC SEDE - International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering) or SEKE (Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering).

With the support of sponsorship from IEEE, the ASEAN-European Academic University Network, and the Vienna University of Technology, it is expected that the conference's quality will be enhanced. In addition, the International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics (IJEEI) from ITB (STEI) and the Journal of ICT Research and Applications (JICTRA) from ITB have also agreed to serve as publication venues for selected papers.