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2023 IEEE International Conference on Data and Software Engineering (ICoDSE)

“Artificial Intelligence for Supporting Data and Software Engineering”

📍 Institut Teknologi Del (hybrid online + offline)
Toba, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
📅 September 7-8, 2023

Program Schedule

Time in the program schedule is in Western Indonesia Time / Waktu Indonesia Barat (WIB; GMT+7). Please pay attention and adjust it to your local time. 

Day One: Thursday, September 7, 2023



07.30 - 08.45

Participant Registration

Opening Ceremony

09.00 - 09.10

Opening Remarks

09.10 - 09.15

Choir and Opening Dance Performance

09.15 - 09.20

Singing the national anthem “Indonesia Raya”

09.20 - 09.30

Opening speech by Prof. Benhard Sitohang (ITB)

09.30 - 09.40

Welcome speech from Del Institute of Technology

09.40 - 09.50

Welcome speech from Institut Teknologi Bandung

Keynote Speech

10.00 - 10.30

Keynote Speech I - Jenderal TNI (Purn.) Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, M.P.A.

(Coordinating Minister for Maritime and Investment Affairs Republic of Indonesia)

10.30 - 11.00

Keynote Speech II - Prof. David Lo (Singapore Management University)

11.00 - 11.20


11.20 - 11.50

Keynote Speech III - Prof. Willy Susilo (University of Wollongong Australia)

12.00 - 13.00

Lunch Break

Parallel Sessions

13.00 - 15.00

Parallel Presentation Session I

15.00 - 15.15


15.15 - 17.15

Parallel Presentation Session II

17.15 - 19.00


19.00 - 21.00


Day Two: Friday, September 8, 2023

Best Paper Award & Closing

09.00 - 09.15


09.15 - 11.15

Parallel Presentation Session III

11.15 - 11.45

Best Paper Award & Closing

11.45 - 13.00

Lunch Break

13.00 - 18.00

Tour to Sipinsur Park Geosite and Sibandang Island

Parallel Session I

Session I-A – Data mining and data tools

Thursday, 7 September2023, 13:00-15:00 GMT+7, Room A

  1. Promotion Abuse Fraud Detection Application Development using Risk Scoring
    Shafira Naya Aprisadianti and Latifa Dwiyanti
  2. Migration From Relational Database to Column-Oriented NoSQL Database
    Rizky Anggita Syarbaini Siregar and Fazat Nur Azizah
  3. Structured Spatial Three-Dimensional Objects Data Extension in PostgreSQL
    Kevin Ryan and Tricya Widagdo
  4. SQL Interface For CRUD Operations On Cloud Firestore
    Farhan N. H. Denira and Fazat N. Azizah
  5. Utilizing PostGIS Extension to Process Spatial Data Stored in Neo4j Database
    Jon Felix Germinian and Tricya Esterina Widagdo

Session I-B – Software and education

Thursday, 7 September2023, 13:00-15:00 GMT+7, Room B

  1. Development of Simulator for Learning Scrum
    Irvin Andryan Pratomo and Yani Widyani
  2. Development of a Scrum Learning Model Using Gamification with the Battleship Board Game
    Christian Gunawan and Wikan Danar Sunindyo
  3. Predicting Students Performance Using Data Mining Approach (Case Study: IT Del)
    Jaime Christ Bonar Sirait, Parmonangan R. Togatorop, Paulus M.L.P Tambunan, Yemima Febe Yanti Marpaung, Samuel I.G Situmeang and Humasak T.A Simanjuntak
  4. Dispositions as an Important Component in Computing Curriculum Development in IT Del
    Arlinta Barus, Inggriani Liem, Arnaldo Sinaga, Eka Sinambela, Tahan Sihombing and Sari Silalahi
  5. Utilization of Virtual Reality for Docker Learning
    Muhammad Fikri. N and Fitra Arifiansyah

Session I-C – Software application development

Thursday, 7 September2023, 13:00-15:00 GMT+7, Room C

  1. Omnichannel System Development for Integration with Various Marketplace Using Event-Driven Architecture
    Jordan Daniel Joshua and Muhammad Zuhri Catur Candra
  2. Development of an End-to-End Form Data Capture Model for an Electronic Election Recapitulation System
    James Chandra, Riza Satria Perdana and Saiful Akbar
  3. Offline Data Sharing on Android Application
    Muhammad Dzaki Razaan Faza, Riza Satria Perdana and Saiful Akbar
  4. Analysis and The Preliminary Design for Backend Technology of Disaster Management Information System
    Riyanthi Angrainy Sianturi and Jerry Andrianto Pangaribuan
  5. Election Data Visualization in Virtual Reality Environment Using Oculus Quest 2
    Vania Alya Qonita and Latifa Dwiyanti

Parallel Session II

Session II-A – AI for software engineering and AI applications

Thursday, 7 September2023, 15:15-17:15 GMT+7, Room A

  1. Raw mill Engine Failure Detection from Transformer Gated Convolutional Unit Networks
    Berliana Putri Muliatama, Imam Mukhlash, Mohammad Iqbal, Nurul Hidayat and Masaomi Kimura
  2. Experiment on Utilizing GPT-3.5 Language Model to Generate DSL of Data Management for Web Application Development using Qore-Base Platform
    Akifa Ufairah and Yani Widyani
  3. Comparison Machine Learning Technique For Grade Classification of Exported Cavendish Banana
    Junanto Prihantoro, Dhika Anbiya, Galuh Prihantoro, Erwin Nashrullah, Zaid Cahya and Riza Riza
  4. Driving Digital Transformation: Leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Enhance Business Process Efficiency and Reducing Manual Errors
    Laurensius Sakti Lubis and Dwide Elizabeth Sembiring
  5. Machine Learning Application Development Guidelines Using CRISP-DM and Scrum Concept
    Muhammad Tamiramin Hayat Suhendar and Yani Widyani

Session II-B – Software fundamentals and experiments

Thursday, 7 September 2023, 15:15-17:15 GMT+7, Room B

  1. Load Testing and Cost Analysis of Deployment Environments of a Backend System in an Electronic Election Recapitulation System Application
    Gregorius Dimas Baskara, Riza Satria Perdana and Saiful Akbar
  2. Evaluation of HTTP and MQTT Protocols in the Design of Telemetry Data for Embedded Systems on Smart Wheelchairs
    Yohanes Vito Rizki Darujati, Laurentius Kuncoro Probo Saputra, Yuan Lukito and Winta Adhitia Guspara
  3. Performance Comparison of Katalon Studio with Appium on Investree Application in Funding Module
    Maristella Sere Viona Sitanggang and Arnaldo Maruli Tua Sinaga
  4. Comparative Analysis of Big Data Utilization at Vocational and Productivity Training Centers (BBPVP) and the Domestic Job Market
    Aghnia Nadhira Aliya Putri, Fadrian Dwiki Maulanda, Zulfiyandi Zulfiyandi, Devi Adrian and Zulfikar Hakim
  5. Achieving High-Level Software Component Summarization via Hierarchical Chain-of-Thought Prompting and Static Code Analysis
    Satrio Adi Rukmono, Lina Ochoa and Michel Chaudron

Session II-C – Software UI/UX and testing

Thursday, 7 September2023, 15:15-17:15 GMT+7, Room C

  1. Website Functionality Testing Using the Automation Tool
    Dr. Arlinta Christy Barus and Aprialdy Sembiring
  2. Interaction Design of Indonesian Junior High School Academic Information System using User-Centered Design
    Jeanne D'Arc Amara Hanieka and Fitra Arifiansyah
  3. Interaction Design Improvement of Content Preferences, Report, and Homepage feature of Shopee Video Using User-Centered Design
    Chintya Wijaya and Adi Mulyanto
  4. Interaction Design for Books Recommendation System to Improve User Satisfaction at EPerpusdikbud
    Falia Aufa Najla, Dana Sulistyo Kusumo and Arfive Gandhi
  5. Improving Cultural Objects Portal Application Usability Using User Usability Evaluation
    Budi Susanto, Kristofan Feriadi, Restyandito Restyandito, Gloria Virginia and Umi Proboyekti

Parallel Session III

Session III-A – Data engineering and tools

Friday, 8 September2023, 09:15-11:15 GMT+7, Room A

  1. Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Model with Local Sentiment Aggregation for Online Travel Reviews
    Renny Pradina Kusumawardani, Mochammad Farrel Arrizal Kusuma, Radityo Prasetianto Wibowo and Aris Tjahyanto
  2. The Semantic Overlay Architecture for Data Interoperability and Exchange
    Fajar J. Ekaputra, Christoph Fabianek, Gabriel Unterholzer and Eduard Gringinger
  3. The Study Of Data Modeling Methodologies For Column-Oriented Databases
    Raden Haryo Pandu Prakoso and Fazat Nur Azizah
  4. Migration of Relational Database to NoSQL Document-Oriented Database
    Wilson Tandya and Fazat Nur Azizah
  5. Development of SQL Interface for Spatial Data Processing in XML Databases
    Muhammad Bintang Pananjung and Tricya Esterina Widagdo

Session III-B  – Secure software and software engineering tools

Friday, 8 September2023, 09:15-11:15 GMT+7, Room B

  1. Detecting Command Injection and Cross-site Scripting Vulnerabilities Using Graph Representations
    Kevin Fernaldy and Yudistira Asnar
  2. Exploring Low Rate Dos Attack Detection Methods: A Bibliometric Analysis and Roadmap for Further Research
    Anteng Widodo, Adian Fatchur Rochim and Budi Warsito
  3. A Static IDE Plugin to detect Security Hotspot for Laravel Framework Based Web Application
    Muhammad Anis Al Hilmi, Raswa Raswa, Robi Robiyanto, Daniel Oranova Siahaan, Alifia Puspaningrum and Hernawati Susanti Samosir
  4. Integration of Method Editor EssenceBoard with Method Base Management System
    Muhammad Azhar Faturahman and Yani Widyani
  5. Expert System Development Guidance in Essence Standard
    Mohammad Yahya Ibrahim and Yani Widyani

Session III-C  – Domain-specific machine learning models

Friday, 8 September2023, 09:15-11:15 GMT+7, Room C

  1. Improved Detection and Interpretation of Multilingual Signboards in Natural Scene for Visually Impaired People
    Qamar Zaman, Shah Khusro and A Min Tjoa
  2. Automated Chest X-Ray Report Generator Using Multi-Model Deep Learning Approach
    Arief Purnama Muharram, Hollyana Puteri Haryono, Abassi Haji Juma, Ira Puspasari and Nugraha Priya Utama
  3. Comparison of Support Vector Regression and Artificial Neural Network Algorithm in Predicting the Number of Prospective Student Registrans
    Herimanto Pardede, Arie Satia Dharma, Hotmangasi Manurung and Agnes Bertua Nababan
  4. A Real-Time Multi-Disease Prediction framework using Deep Learning Techniques
    Venkata Ramana Attada, Lakshmana Rao Kalabarige and Srividya Kotagiri
  5. Detection of Tuberculosis Disease using Deep Learning Techniques
    Geetamma Tummalapalli, Jami Kousik, Rajasekhar Mungi, Murapaka Rajesh, Kalyani Dinesh and Kadiyam Rajalingeswara Rao

Special thanks to Pertamina for making this conference happen for the progress of the data and software engineering industry in Indonesia